Powered trucks shopping guide

Choosing the right truck is not always easy, so let us help you by guiding you through the most important things to think of. 

1. What will you use your truck for?

  • Use On-board vehicles or in narrow areas
    Take a look at our BT Levio 1,3 t Compact and BT Staxio 1 t Compact, small and lightweight and therefore extra suitable for usage in small spaces and onboard vehicles. 
  • Short horizontal transport
    Our BT Levio W-series with capacities from 1,3 to 2,5 t will do a perfect job for you. 
  • Longer distance horizontal transport
    If you have a more intense operation or a big warehouse with long distances you should consider the BT Levio, with a flip-up platform to let you use the truck both as a pedestrian and riding. 

2. Which model should you choose?

  • Capacity
    Think of how much you have to be able to lift at the most. Choose a capacity that suits the current and an eventual future need. 
  • Frequency
    Choosing the right capacity is also about the intensity of the usage. If you need a truck that will last in a high-intensive environment and with frequent usage, you also need a higher capacity for a more robust and powerful truck. Don't forget to look at the battery options on the models.

3. Customise your truck!

When you've decided on your truck and model, you can choose between different options and add-ons to customise depending on your needs. 


  • Wheels 
    Depending on the application and environment, you will need a different type of wheels to perform optimally. Learn more in our wheel guide
  • Battery
    On some of our models we have different battery options for you to choose from. 
  • Handle
    In the BT Levio series you can change to a Turtle Button Handle for a temporary speed reduction button.


  • Cold Store
    Add low-temperature oil for use in cold areas.
  • Load support
    Additional safety when handling high or unstable loads.
  • Built-in charger (available on BT Levio 1,3 t Compact and BT Staxio 1 t Compact) Connect your truck to a wall outlet for easy charging. 
  • In-vehicle charging (available on BT Levio 1,3 t Compact )
    Get increased flexibility when the machine is used on a lorry.
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